The opening of Talent Trek '99.

Talent Trek 1999 was held at the Neptune Club, which would later be known as the Phoenix Club. It was hosted by Jerry St. Clair. It was judged by Paul LeRoy of Chorley FM, the evening's sponsor.

Acts Edit

  • Billy Bedlum - a short man who played a tube-like instrument while swinging it around. He wore a red bowler hat a colourful suspenders.
  • Terrance Mustdo - a ventriloquist who performed sing-along numbers with the audience.
  • Shelly Lizano - a fire-breather
  • Maurey Porego - a singer
  • Michelle Coffee - one half of a former duo "Coffee and Cream", Michelle had to sing alone after her singing partner was unable to take part. It was suggested that Cream had not only left the band but had also stolen her husband.
  • Park Avenue- a duo made up of greengrocer Marc Park and systems analyst Cheryl Avenue. Marc played the electric guitar and both of them were singers.

Result Edit

The winner of Talent Trek '99 was Park Avenue.