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Young Kenny as Meatloaf

Stars in Your Eyes was one of the events organised by Brian Potter, which proved somewhat successful. The event, hosted by Jerry St. Clair, was planned to contain numerous professional impersonators to come and play the TV show Stars in Your Eyes, in order to impress a brewery representative.

Den Perry's involvement[]

Angry at the excitement of the staff and customers, Den Perry hijacked the event by ringing up the acts and cancelling them, using his best impersonation of Jerry St. Clair. He was successful and it wasn't long before Brian realised what was going on.

The show continues[]

Despite the work of Perry, Potter reminded the staff that the show was important for the sake of his licence. He asked all members of staff to get involved and use the dressing up kit to find someone to impersonate. All of the staff reacting negatively towards the idea leading Brian to get frustrated.

Eventually everyone, except Joyce, who refused, agreed and took part. The acts were:

Perry's final threat[]

Den Perry grew ever more angry at how the audience were enjoying this show and decided to go and find Brian in his office. He, and his henchmen, surrounded Potter and although Potter tried to cry for help, the music in the next room was far too loud. Perry revealed to Potter that it was indeed him who had burnt down the Phoenix Club the last time and that he would happily do it again, hopefully with Potter still inside.

As Perry and his men walked back into the main function room, they were met with silence. From the office and over the speakers, Brian revealed that he had left the microphone on the whole time. As a result of this, Perry and his men were arrested and taken away.