Park Avenue
Vital statistics
Position n/a
Born Unknown
A.K.A. n/a
Spouse Divorced

Park Avenue, made up of greengrocer Marc Park and systems analyst Cheryl Avenue, was a double act that performed and won Talent Trek 1999.

Life during Talent Trek Edit

Marc Park and Cheryl Avenue had a strained relationship as they balanced their home life and their attempted music careers. They regularly rowed about their act.

Marc regularly pushed and pressurised Cheryl to be better for "the sake of the band". He saw it as tough love but it caused a lot of stress between the two of them. Nevertheless, their act was loved by many and even led to them winning Talent Trek in 1999.

Life after Talent Trek Edit

Marc's pressure on Cheryl became too much and he ditched his wife, regardless of her being pregnant, twelve months after winning Talent Trek. He went on to pursue his own career but his fame went down the drain after two or three hits when she released a documentary showing Marc to be the villain in her struggle as a single mother. Due to his dwindling popularity, Marc returned to his job as greengrocer while Cheryl rose to the top.

Behind the Scenes Edit

It became a joke that people would put incorrect emphasis on the "aven" part of their act name, pronouncing it unnaturally. The incorrect pronounciation of Park Avenue grated Marc Park, who wished his act to be recognised properly.