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Jerry Dignan
Vital statistics
Position Licencee, Lead Entertainer
Born Unknown
A.K.A. Jerry St. Clair
Spouse n/a

Jerry Dignan, also known as Jerry St. Clair, started off as the compere/host, as well as the main entertainment act at the Phoenix Club. During the re-opening of the club, he became licencee and thus the new owner, taking over from Brian.


Jerry sang alongside the club band, Les Alanos, and sang for the audience during the evening. He also hosted a number of the special events that happened in the club.

Jerry also produced his own album that he tried to sell, although his attempts were unsuccessful.

Working in a Supermarket[]

After the club was burnt down, Jerry and the band worked in a supermarket where they sung famous songs, which had been rewritten in order to promote certain products. After having bumped into Brian at work, he tries to shatter Brian's dreams of re-opening the club, telling him that "[most of the staff] had moved on" and he went on to say that Brian was "sitting at home, feeling sorry for [himself]."

Eventually, Brian's brought all of his ex-staff together in the old, empty club and told them all of his dream to re-open the club. Brian managed to sway Jerry with an offer of him being licencee, due to the authorities thinking Brian's negligence being the cause of the fire.

As Licencee[]

When the club was re-opened, Jerry was indeed made licencee. Brian's plan was to allow Jerry to be licencee while Brian's name was cleared after the previous fire, advice he took from Frank Cartwright. As licencee, Jerry made some changes, much to Brian's horror, including opening a Chinese restaurant in the club and trying to turn it into a themed club.

Brian eventually got his name cleared but decided to allow Jerry to continue running the club with him.

Friendship with Brian[]

Jerry seemed to be Brian's right-hand man and also his best friend. They worked very closely at the beginning and remained good friends during the handing over of the title of licencee. Although the friendship got rocky as Jerry tried to update and improve the club's reputation, Brian ended up trusting his decisions, still becoming slightly hostile every now and then.