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Den Perry
Vital statistics
Position Manager of Banana Grove
Born Unknown
A.K.A. Fat pig, Perry, Den of Inequity
Spouse Unknown

Den Perry, sometimes called 'Dennis' and 'Denzel' by Brian, was Brian's main rival and the owner of the Banana Grove. He was known to use dirty tactics to try to beat the Phoenix Club and to get his own way. After failing to host Talent Trek at his own club, he resorted to burning down the Phoenix Club as his way of revenge.


Den Perry was a very vicious and spiteful man. Although he rarely used violence, he regularly used dirty tactics to get his own way. He was rarely able to outwit Brian Potter though as Potter was known to use sly tactics too. There were no limits to Perry's evilness and this led him to burn down the Phoenix Club after the 2001 Talent Trek, leaving Potter without a business and allowing him to take his customers.

Perry being arrested[]

Some time after the Phoenix Club was re-opened, Perry attempted to sabotage a Stars in Your Eyes event at the Phoenix Club (during which Mike Brennan - a brewery representative - was coming over to discuss a proposition) by impersonating Jerry and ringing to cancel the acts for the event. Arriving later with his henchmen to gloat, Perry was instead left red-faced upon seeing that the Phoenix staff had improvised by dressing up as the acts themselves. Furious, Perry and his henchmen confronted Potter in his office. Potter was unable to cry for help over the noise of the event next door. Whilst in the office, Perry confessed to burning down Potter's club before making a new threat to burn it down again.

Upon leaving his office, Perry and his crew were met with the sight of a whole audience watching him in silence. Over the tannoy, Potter revealed that he had had his microphone on the whole time, meaning that the staff and everyone in the audience had heard his confession and threat to burn down the club again. Despite trying to convince Mike Brennan and the audience that he was just joking with Potter, Perry was arrested shortly after for arson - with Les stating during the staff's celebration that Perry was 'sobbing his eyes' out when he was put in the back of the police car.


  • "Long live the Phoenix" - Perry's last words before committing the arson attack on the Phoenix club.
  • "Cheers, Potter. Another winner!" - Perry's usual response when he gained a victory over Brian, an example being when he found out that the beer that Brian beat Perry to was actually non-alcoholic.
  • "The only mistake I made was setting fire to this place while you weren't inside" - Perry's confession to Brian of the arson attack of the Phoenix club.