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Chorley FM was the main radio station of Chorley and which was listened to throughout Bolton. Chorley FM's slogan was "Coming in Your Ears". One of its popular DJs was Paul LeRoy.

Behind the Scenes[]

Throughout the 2000s, a real-life Chorley FM existed in the town of Chorley and was run by local volunteers. Owners of the real Chorley FM failed to find Peter Kay's fake slogan funny.

The organiser of Chorley FM's temporary license was a man by the name of Chris Mellor, who was at the time also Cultural Services Manager at Chorley Council. Mellor tried to negotiate with Kay, expressing his displeasure with trying to take over the station. Mellor fought off not only Kay but other commerical interest and now has a licence to continue to broadcast until 2015, which was renewed. After troubles and complaints in the studio, the station was forcefully closed in 2019.