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Ant & Dec
Vital statistics
Position Chefs
Born Unknown
A.K.A. Ant & Dec
Spouse Presumed Single

Ant and Dec were nicknames given to Chinese immigrants, whose real names remain unknown, who stowed away in a van borrowed by Max and Paddy after their trip to France.

Arrival to the Phoenix Club[]

After arriving in Calais as a trip organised by Brian in an attempt to find cheap beer for the club, Max and Paddy accidentally bump their trolley into another pushed by two Chinese men. The men ask Max and Paddy if they're French, to which the pair reply they're English and quote "Rule Britannia" due to the Chinese men having a poor understanding of English, to which the Chinese men happily repeat it to each other while Max and Paddy carry on shopping.

After Max and Paddy return from Calais, they open the back of the truck to show the staff their beer haul. To their surprise, the two Chinese men they met earlier were hiding in the back - seemingly drunk and shouting "Rule Britannia".

Regardless of their inability to speak English and their being illegal immigrants, they were put to work in the club as chefs, a job to which they are not at first best suited. Their attempts at cooking frozen chips failed after they tried to fry them in a wok. When the Golden Phoenix opened, the now christened "Ant and Dec", named after two famous British TV personalities, became the main chefs and cooked the meals.

After the resigning of Max and Paddy, the club's two bouncers, Ant and Dec were promoted to bouncers. Whether they also remained chefs is not known.


Despite not being able to communicate well with the other members of staff, Ant and Dec were always cheerful and this made them liked. They always faced work positively.